How it works

How it works

A simple process designed to guide you to the surgeon who's right for you

Surgeons are selected based on six key areas of expertise.

A MasterSurgeon is qualified based on peer recognition, publishing history, surgical aptitude, innovation, research and development, as well as memberships in highly regarded fellowships and surgical societies

Use the map to easily find a surgeon near you.

Interact with the map by dragging and zooming.  Click on the pins to see details about the surgeons. 

Use zip code, insurance, or specialty to filter the doctors that appear on the map.

Are you looking for a surgeon who's only focus is on knee replacement? Are you looking for a surgeon who takes your insurance plan? Are you looking for the best surgeon who is near you? Use the pulldown menues to filter and sort the list. 

Read more about your surgeon and watch his or her video presentation.

Each surgeon has a profile page where you can read more about his or her credentials and, in some cases, watch a video. 

Book the next available appointment or pick a time that suits you best.

Just click on the appointment time to start the process of booking the appointment. You can often get an appointment as early as this week with a top surgeon of your choice on That's often sooner than if you tried calling the surgeon directly. 

We verify the appointment by phone or text message.

To book the appointment, you provide contact information, verify your phone number, and we send it directly to the surgeon so they know to expect you. The doctor's office will contact you directly to ask pre-appointment information.